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Thursday, June 14, 2018

'Enough publicity may do the trick' Arthur Grout suggests when Chapleau Post got a linotype machine

When Arthur Simpson, editor and publisher of the Chapleau Post got a linotype machine, it prompted Arthur Grout to write a letter to him entitled "Enough publicity may do the trick" referring to the completion of Highway 129.

Mr. Grout wrote that when Mr. Simpson started the newspaper, "Your main idea was to focus attention on Chapleau by publicity so that our claims and hopes for a highway into, and perhaps through Chapleau might be realized."

Writing the letter in the 1940s, Mr. Grout added, "You, and perhaps others had high hopes that when we had accomplished our objectives, that our town would grow, many with businesses would be attracted to the place."

Although the highway was not yet completed the letter noted that "Well -- half your dream has come true. You have the machine installed and running while we are still waiting on our road. But we still have the hope that our highway will be a reality in the very near future."

Always the Chapleau booster, Mr. Grout noted, "This district with its forests, water power storage, timber limits, mineral possibilities, tourist attractions, trapping and hunting areas, has everything and its opportunities are recognized by many. It needs a road to open it upand that can  not be denied much longer."

Mr. Grout revealed that he had been in Blind River where "all the talk is about how much is expected to be done on development work along the Mississaugi. Contracts had been awarded.

Returning to the subject of the newspaper's new linotype machine Mr. Grout encouraged Mr. Simpson, "So get that linotype hot. Tell more and more people about how Chapleau needs the road -- about what it can mean to our young people in new opportunities, and if you make it loud enough and strong enough, we may be able to drive in and out of Chapleau before the linotype has its first birthday."

Well, maybe pretty close, as the first vehicles to travel over Highway 129, did so in bitterly cold weather, and tragedy on January 23 and 24, 1949. The tragedy was that Thomas Godfrey who had been a major supporter of the highway for many years died of a heart  attack while making the first trip by car from Chapleau.

Chapleau had its highway, although many referred to it as a "turkey trail" through the bush. Mr. Simpson had his linotype and in 1950 was able to declare that Chapleau was also going to be on the Trans Canada highway.

The headline blared "WE GOT IT" in three languages on April 24, 1950 in three languages in the only Extra ever published by the newspaper in its history.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Chapleau's Lorne Riley will bring his band Mileage 51 from Dubai to Duggan's in Toronto this August to support Hospital for Sick Children

Chapleau's own Lorne Riley and his band Mileage 51 will be taking to the stage at  Duggan's on Toronto's Queen St W on August 2 to bring their brand of classic rock and blues to fans, friends and family in support of a good cause.  

Mileage 51 is well known in Dubai where Lorne currently resides. The band released an album "Stone Unturned" in 2015 and will play a selection of tunes from the album along with a list of well-known blues and rock favorites.  While admission is free, the band will be accepting donations for  Toronto Hospital for Sick Children.

 "We've heard from people in Chapleau, White River, Timmins, Sudbury, Ottawa, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Lethbridge and the Toronto area who plan to make the trip down to take in the performance.

"We're thrilled with the response and hope to have a full house. Playing on Queen St. W in Toronto is exciting.  It's Toronto's and arguably Canada's most renowned live music district. This is our first Toronto performance but not our last. We'd definitely like to tour up to Northern Ontario at some point as well...there's nothing like a northern crowd...I know that from experience!"

The band is named Mileage 51 after a place on the Canadian Pacific Railway west of Chapleau where Lorne spent much time with the Bouillon family. He advised that he still likes to make trips there when he gets back to Chapleau.

Lorne is the son of Jackie and the late Lorne Riley. A graduate of Chapleau High School he attended Carleton University graduating with an honours degree in Journalism and Law. He is currently Director of Corporate Communications at Dubai International Airport.

As an aside, Lorne's father, with Buddy Swanson and Tom Welch founded the Chapleau Junior "B" Huskies who won the International Junior B League and Northern Ontario Hockey Association titles in 1966-67 their first in the league.

In the 1978-79 season Lorne Jr played on the Chapleau Midget "C" team which won the NOHA title. As there was no Midget "C" title in Southern Ontario, they declared themselves "All Ontario Champions".

Lorne has been active on the music scene since he moved to Dubai over 9 years ago to work at the biggest international airport in the world. He has released three albums with three different bands (Mileage 51 "Stone Unturned", Monks on the Moon "When Worlds Collide" and Stereotypes 'Penny Earned'). Currently he is completing a series of singles that he will release under his own name.

"I've always been a fan of country music. So last fall I decided to write and release some original country songs. Three of them are just about done and more are in the works.  I'm really excited about them as it seems to be a genre that suits me.

" What I've learned since I started doing this almost a decade ago, is that while there is a lot of hard work and dedication required to write and produce the music, by far the hardest part is getting it played on the radio. I've had my music played in Dubai on the radio but not in the rotation. My goal with this country project is to finally crack that nut. 

"Before the end of the year I want to get an email from one of my old high school friends from Sudbury or Timmins or London or Sarnia or Toronto saying 'hey man, I just heard your song on the radio!'  That's the goal anyway".

If you are able to attend on August 2, you can let Lorne know on Facebook, or contact me at mj.morris@live.ca and I can forward messages to him. I am thinking about making the trip from Cranbrook!!!

Hockey team names:
Chapleau Midget "C" NOHA  Champions 1979. Back row from left: Martin Healey, Shane Gillham, Tim Morin, John Bernier, Robert Serre, Dan Tebbutt, Michael Tremblay, Paul Legros, Geoffrey Hong, Michael Payette, Mike Tangie. Front from left: Marc Trottier, David Freeborn, Yves Gervais, Lorne Riley, Randy Carroll, Gary Chambers, Shawn Russell. Absent coach Jamie Doyle

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic School 'hummed with excitement' in 1951 with news that pupils had won in Toronto Star scrapbook contest

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic School "hummed with excitement" in November 1951 with the news that Grade 7 and 8 pupils had been a winner in a Toronto Star 'Heritage of Freedom' Scrapbook contest, according to an article in the Chapleau Post. 

Their submission was ranked as first class winner for originality and attractiveness as the pupils presented pictures of northern beauty, unfolding the history throughout the ages. 

It was all bound together with leather thongs, set in a Birch bark cover, and topped with lettering of twigs, gilded in gold.

The article continued that in true school spirit the pupils involved received hearty congratulations from other members of the teaching staff and school pupils to the "happy winners who could not believe the wonderful news."

"Many history periods had been used and keen enthusiasm was shown by all the pupils during the organizing of the class project," the Chapleau Post reported.

The win obviously filled the pupils with great pride and satisfaction. 

The Scrapbook and the prize which was a three volume set of books entitled 'The Picture Gallery of Canadian History' were to be placed on display in the school.

At this point I will ask if anyone remembers the project and knows where the Scrapbook is. It woud make a wonderful story in itself. I only came across this story and photos thanks to the awesome work of the late Doug Greig to whom Chapleau will always owe a deep debt of his gratitude for compiling Chapleau's history.

At the time the Scrapbook was placed in the school library. The entire project was under the direction of Miss Phyllis Delaney, school principal and Grade 7 and 8 teacher.

Michael J Morris

Michael J Morris
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