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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chapleau High School 90th Anniversary Reunion Quiz with Questions from 1972-73 for Week Two

First school in Chapleau circa 1890
Here are questions for WEEK TWO  In the CHS 90th Anniversary Reunion Quiz, sponsored by the Chapleau Express. See the answers for WEEK ONE below. Feel free to email me your answers at mj.morris@live.ca Each week there will be questions or photos to create some interest!

1. Name the Chapleau High School Student Council president in 1972-73.

2. Who were the CHS Winter Carnival King and Queen in 1973?

3. Name the skip of the CHS curling team in the 1972-73 season.

Week One Answers:
1. George Lemon was CHS principal in 1956-57.
2. Margaret Rose Payette and Mary Serre were the CHS Bugle Band Commanders
3. Stanley Barty was the CHS Cadet Corps Commander

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dr. Karl Hackstetter directs 'Dough Crazy' while Clarence Fiaschetti returns as teacher and coaches Chapleau High School hockey team in the 1950s

'Dough Crazy' a delightful comedy in three acts, directed by Dr. Karl A. Hackstetter, was presented by Chapleau High School students as part of the annual commencement held in the Town Hall auditorium in March 1956. 

Running for two nights, the play by Don Elser, centred around the efforts of Dolly Ransom, played by Margaret Rose Payette, and her brother Ted with Robert Glowacki in the role to save their doughnut business from rival doughnut maker Mr. Manners, with Michael Leigh as the richest man in town who wants to control the doughnut business.

Rounding out the cast where it all ends well with the discovery of the formula for Giant Doughnuts which saves the business, and were actually made by B.W. Zufelt, the owner of Chapleau Bakery at the time (remember the honey dipped doughnuts?) were Phyllis Chrusoskie, David McMillan, Harry Pellow, Lorraine Leclerc, James Evans, Donna Viet and Mary Serre.
The prompters were Nancy Honda and Rita O'Hearn while the stage crew included Stanley Barty, Daryl Dowsley, Neil Ritchie, Dennis Schafer, Terry Shannon and Ron Watson.
Dr. Hackstetter directed all aspects of the production.
Another highlight was a musical presentation by the Chapleau High School Choir directed by Miss Joan Lee of the teaching staff.
The soloist was Carmen Pilon while a duet was given by Rita O'Hearn and Bill Kemp.
Choir members included Theresa Donivan, Anne Marie Goldstein, Anne Lemieux, Shirley Potts, Madelene Carroll, Gail Lion, Naomi Mizuguchi, Audrey Newman, Marion Pellow and Pauline Pilon, Brian Boucher, Charles Byce.
Pianist was Alison McMillan.
As I was working on this piece, I could not help but reflect on how active those involved in this production were in their respective churches and elementary schools while growing up in Chapleau. I have many fond memories from those years. in 1955-56 I was in Grade Nine at CHS.
During the commencement part of the program, John Futhey was presented with the Mrs. J.W. Austin Award as the student with the highest standing in eight Grade 13 subjects after five years attendance while Phyllis Evans received the Mason Foundation Scholarship for a student attending the ontario Teachers' College by John McClellan, the school principal.
Opening remarks were given by Dennis Schafer, president of the student council.
Mr. McClellan would retire at the end of the school years after 30 years as a teacher and principal.
Honours Secondary School Graduation Diplomas (Grade 13) were presented by Clarence Fiaschetti, a graduate of CHS, who was back as a teacher. Mr. Fiaschetti was the first grad to return as a teacher.
Recipients were Sadie Doyle, John Futhey, Phyllis Evans, Richard Leclerc and Gaetan Rousel.
Receiving Secondary School Graduation Diplomas (Grade 12), presented by D.O. Payette, chair of the school board, were Stanley Barty, Ina Mae Fraser, Rita Gilbert, Marlene Iserhoff, Gerald McAuley, Leona Paquette, Dennis Schafer, Terry Shannon and Michael Leigh.
Mr. McClellan's retirement brought George Lemon to CHS as the new principal, and a highlight of the 1956-57 school year was a trip to Terrace Bay by almost all the students who boarded a CPR passenger train for a trip to Terrace Bay for a weekend of athletic competitions against that community's high school. Mr. Fiaschetti, who was a graduate of Chapleau minor hockey and had played for the Chapleau Trappers and Huskies was the coach.
In fact, he was so well known as Clarence and some students played hockey on the same team he did, that it took time for some to start calling him Mr. Fiaschetti, but for those of us who were at CHS during the two years he taught there, he could really fill detention books.

High school hockey was really popular at the time and the team played in the full body contact town league as well as against teams from other communities. Members of the 1956-57 team included David McMillan, Doug Slievert, Stan Barty,Thane Crozier, Clarence Fiaschetti (teacher and coach), George Lemon (principal), Doug Espaniel, Roger Mizuguchi, Bill Cachagee, Jim Hong, Bert Lemon, Harry Pellow, Ken Schroeder, Robbie Pellow (Mascot) Marc Boulard, Harry Hong, Jim Machan, Ron Morris.

One of the great delights in writing Chapleau Moments is that I get to relive so many fantastic "moments" about the people, the lives and the times in the community from its earliest beginnings onwards. Thanks to David McMillan for providing me with the details for Dough Crazy and CHS in the 1950s. My email is mj.morris@live.ca

Michael J Morris

Michael J Morris
MJ with Buckwheat (1989-2009) Photo by Leo Ouimet


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