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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chapleau honours popular citizens Mrs. A.W. Moore as Queen Mother and Layton Goodwin as King at 11th winter carnival in 1962

Mrs 'Hockey' Moore (courtesy Chapleau Express)
Chapleau held its eleventh winter carnival in 1962 and paid tribute to two of the community's most popular citizens. --- Mrs. A.W. 'Hockey' Moore and Layton Goodwin.
For the first time in Chapleau carnival history a "Queen Mother" was crowned and selected for the honour was Mrs. Moore who was known throughout the community for her continuous and untiring efforts to raise funds for hockey teams and the Chapleau Memorial Community Arena.
Layton Goodwin (courtesy Dr Bill Pellow)
The carnival program said that Mrs. Moore "has been an ardent and zealous supporter of the Huskies hockey team, and no doubt, in the fullness of time, will help obtain the reality of having artificial ice in our arena."
In 1965, artificial ice was installed in large measure through the efforts of Mrs. Moore. After the memorial arena was opened Mrs. Moore set out to ensure that one day, artificial ice was installed. She raised over $12,000 herself for the project, a huge sum in those years.
It should be noted that over the years Mrs. Moore supported other hockey teams including her beloved Trappers, and in 1958, for example, Doug Sleivert, president of the Chapleau High School Hockey Club wrote her a lettter of thanks on her assistance with a bingo held by the team.
In 1978, the township council, named the arena portion of the Chapleau Recreation Centre, the Mrs. A.W. Moore Arena in her honour. She was present for the occasion.
Layton Goodwin, the Carnival King, was also no stranger to Chapleau citizens and a popular choice as he had been involved in community activities for many years. Most recently he had been the manager of the memorial arena where he was very well liked with his special interest in the "young fry."
Born in Nova Scotia, Mr. Goodwin arrived in Chapleau in the Spring of 1912 at the age of 22, and took up a position as a telegrapher with the Canadian Pacific Railway.
In 1956, after retiring from the CPR, Mr. Goodwin joined the Chapleau Rotary Club and being fond of children and deeply concerned especially for those who were habdicapped, he took charge of the club's program to provide them with assistance.
Mr. Goodwin also served as master of the Masonic Lodge in Chapleau in 1938.
He said that he was proud of Chapleau and never so happy as when he was making himself a useful citizen of the community.
Jack Sawyer, who had moved to Chapleaun in 1952, and had been a driving force in establishing the Chapleau Mercantile Hockey League in the Fifties was the chairman of the 1962 winter carnival. Jack had also helped establish the Chapleau Juvenile Hockey Club that won the North Shore championship in 1959-60. He also served as secretary of the Pony Baseball League in 1962. The vice chair of the committee was Henry Therriault who was well known for his commitment to Chapleau and was most active in sports and Branch Number 5 of the Royal Canadian Legion.
Jim Lane, who was prominent as a Master of Ceremonies at many Chapleau events was once again in that role at the 1962 carnival.
Thumbing through the carnival program is a nostalgic trip back in Chapleau's history and seeing who was involved. For years J.M.Shoup, the long time principal of Chapleau Public School was in charge of races at both winter and summer events. At the 1962 carnival Mr. Shoup was in charge of the carnival queen contest along with Ross Perrigard and Hank McEachren, and dances, while Foy Wright, his successor as public school principal was looking after the skating races.
Hockey, of course, from the Huskies playing for the Sonny Bignucolo Memorial Trophy to minor hockey teams and and all girls game were on the agenda as well as a special feature -- the Chapleau Knights of Columbus doing "battle" with the Chapleau Independent Order of Odd Fellows. The program says "this game will no doubt supply many interesting sights and scenes along with a dash of some old time hockey finesse."
I had come home from attending Waterloo Lutheran University, now Wilfrid Laurier University, as a "neutral referee" for the Sonny Bignucolo Trophy games and from the mothballs of memory I remember the KC - Odd Fellows game and being so impressed at how good some of the "oldtimers" were. I have no memory, which is perhaps just as well, as to who won the game.
As I was working on this article I noted that my good friend Ken Schroeder was in charge of ski races so I contacted him to get his memories. He recalled that Ross, Frank and Karen Broomhead as well as Sonny Larush were the big winners, but Ken also received a trophy and he wasn't sure why, although he still has it.
Out of town visitors were also a big part of the winter carnival scene -- and so important that a welcoming committee would be at the CPR station to greet arrivals from The Canadian and The Dominion daily and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the Budd Car.
Parades were always a highlight of Chapleau carnivals and a highlight was a torch parade to the Bonfire Sing Song, Sleigh Rides and Mocassin Dance at the Chapleau High School grounds on Pine Street. Dancing was free but a sleigh ride would cost you 25 cents.
In 1962, Chapleau phone calls were still handled by the telephone operator and here are some of the numbers you may have called: Jim Hong at the Redwood, 1; Tee Chambers, 38; Len's Taxi, 149;Au Coq D'or restaurant, 19; Dick Hoath, 27; Angelo's Variety Store, 187 and Sportsman Hotel, 356.
D.J. "Jim" Broomhead was reeve of Chapleau and council members were Marcel Bourgeault, Fred A. "Nick" Card, F.B. "Casey" Nowakawski and W.D. Collings.
Now, here is a challenge and I hope someone will email me with the name of the winner of the Carnival Queen contest in 1962. Despite best efforts, unable to come up with the name of the winner and a photo. The contestants were Shirley Donivan sponsored by Chapleau and District Lumber Companies; Barbara Gervais, sponsored by Chapleau High School; Anita Laferriere sponsored by Stedmans and Roseanne Wright, sponsored by Smith and Chapple Ltd. My email is mj.morris@live.ca


Heather Moore said...

Thank you for publishing this article. I very much enjoyed reading it. I've learned quite a bit from your articles about my grandmother.

Mary Cull said...

I saw this article and wondered if it was my cousin Heather's grandmother. She was a lovely lady and I remember being at her house in about 1971.

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